Anti-gay reggae concerts cancelled

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Concerts by Anti-gay reggae stars Sizzla and Elephant Man have been cancelled by Toronto’s Kool Haus nightclub.

The cancellation follows fierce campaigning by Canadian Gay Rights Lobbyists, who have called on the government to prevent the stars’ arrival in the capital, Ottowa

Canada’s anti-prejudice laws outlaw the instigation of hate crimes, and campaigners are encouraging the government to act on them.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Artists have the right to free speech, but their presence in Canada can be perceived as a licence to incite violence.

“Canada has banned anti-Jew, anti-black people from entering the country. This should be no different.”

Jamaican gay rights groups claim attacks against gay men in the country are encouraged by the prevalence of ‘murder music’ there.

Sizzla and Elephant man are two of the most famous singers accused of violent lyrics.

Akim Larcher, a spokesman for the pressure group Stop Murder Music, said: “Compared to these two, Eminem is much less expressive in inciting violence and murder.”

Both performers have promised to steer clear of homophobic lyrics and Sizzla has signed the Reggae Compassion Act in association with Stop Murder Music, but that appears to have held little weight with the venue.

All five dates of the star’s 2004 UK tour were cancelled after gay rights activists protested against his presence.