Gay World Series organisers apologise for offensive comedian

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While the 2007 Gay World Series proved to be a homerun, there was a snafu during the opening ceremonies that had participants calling foul.

Former Kids in the Hall sketch performer, Scott Thompson, apparently delivered an offensive and obnoxious routine that caused organisers to issue an official letter of apology.

Last week Phoenix, Arizona played host to one of the largest gay sporting events in the world when it welcomed over 4,000 participants and fans to the North American Gay Amateur Alliance’s annual softball world series.

Men and women from all over the US and Canada converged on the hot desert city for six days of fun and games for the 31st year of the tournament.

The first night festivities kicked off with some celebrity performers and even though he hasn’t been relevant for the past decade or so, the NAGAA decided that openly gay comedian Scott Thompson would be a great choice to helm the event.

That decision proved costly as his routine not only bombed, it caused participants to leave with some bitter feelings.

According to, “the comedian began bombing right after he dissed Kathy Griffin. You don’t diss Kathy to the gays!”

He then went on to clear out the stadium with “lame vulgar jokes and even used the N word.”

Series director Brandi Sokolosky issued a formal apology to participants the next day:

“I would like to personally apologise for the behaviour of Scott Thompson.

“We found his behaviour to be unacceptable and not conducive to the family friendly environment that we promote. I regret that I did not pull the plug sooner and that you were all subjected to his disgusting so-called comedic routine.”

In order to further distance the organisers from Thompson’s behaviour she added:

“I assure you that the comments made by Mr. Thompson were not approved by this organisation and his rude outbursts were unprofessional and unacceptable.”

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