NZ gay man bitten during frenzied fatal attack

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A gay man was beaten and bitten to death in a vicious murder in New Zealand.

Andre Gilling and Ashley Arnopp are accused of the attack which included biting off some of their victim Stanley Waipouri’s ear and genitalia.

They allegedly attacked 49-year-old Waipouri in his flat in Palmerston North, playing very loud music to cover the sounds of them beating him to death.

“Arnopp said he had a huge amount of adrenalin, these are his words…’and I was just powering for hours’,” Crown prosecutor Ben Vanderkolk said, according to TV New Zealand.

“Arnopp was found in the flat at the time in clothing and footwear covered in blood, as were his hands and particularly noted by the police were blood deposits, smears around his mouth and his lips.”

The Court claims that the two men were high on a mixture of drugs and alcohol when the attack took place.

29 witnessed will be called during their trial, which is expected to take two weeks.