Kevin Greening leaves his estate to his life partner

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A Radio DJ who died after a drugs session has left more than £500,000 to his longterm partner.

Kevin Greening’s 1991 will stipulated that Andrew Lowe would be the principal beneficiary of his estate.

Mr Greening died on December 29th 2007 as a result of a drugs overdose after a sex session involving bondage.

Postmortem results on Greening, 44, indicate he had taken ecstasy and cocaine and suffered a heart attack.

Last month the Westminster coroner, Paul Knapman, recorded a verdict of misadventure.

Mr Greening’s estate came to £515,575.

“After the payment of debts, funeral and testimony expenses and any inheritance tax which may be payable I give my whole estate to the said Andrew Lowe absolutely,” he said in his will.

The couple lived together although Mr Greening was seeing other people.

Kevin Greening co-presented Zoe Ball’s breakfast show on Radio 1 between 1997 and 1998. He later worked on Radio 5 Live and Smooth Radio.

The openly gay presenter was part of the launch line-up of Virgin Radio in 1993. He transferred to Radio 1 within a year.

He was known for an irreverent style and created a number of fictional characters including a DJ called Raymond Sinclair.

After his death last year, tributes were paid across the radio industry.
BBC Radio 5 Live’s Simon Mayo said:

“I only got to know him when he joined Radio 1 but it was quite clear that he was a fantastically bright individual. He had a great brain.

“He had a very, very dry sense of humour and he was quite shy really, sometimes embarrassed about having achieved the level of fame that he did have.

“Anyone who listened to his programmes could tell he was extremely bright, extremely clever.

“He was a fantastic example as to how much work should go into a programme. He was naturally gifted, and I frankly find it rather hard to believe that he’s not with us any more.”