Hollyoaks: Darren gets a phone call from his “dead” dad

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Frankie is still putting a brave face on in Hollyoaks village this week. She’s doing her best to keep things going at The Dog, but is finding life hard without Jack.

Darren’s not finding life easy to cope with either. Keeping his dark secret is certainly proving to be a strain. When he gets a call from the recently “deceased” Jack, things get even more complicated.

Amy’s in a bit of a state too. She just can’t stop thinking about good-for-nothing Ste and what he’s done to her.

When Mike and Sarah realize what’s been going on and that this isn’t the first time Ste has hit Amy, they are furious. Amy attempts to defend herself, but to no avail.

Over at the SU bar, Kieron’s suspicions are aroused when he meets a very heavily bruised Ste. He attempts to find out what’s been going on. Will Ste tell him?

Later in the week, things get worse for bad boy Ste, when he wakes up in hospital with his leg in a cast. Nobody comes to visit him and he starts to feel very lonely. It’s not that easy to feel sorry for him though, is it?

When he’s discharged, Ste realizes that he has absolutely no one to turn to and so begs Justin for help. Will he be forthcoming with aid?

Quite frankly, Justin has enough to worry about over at the Valentine household. The family eventually gets news that Sasha’s been found and is on her way home. They’re all very relieved. As Calvin prepares the house for her return, Justin spots that it may be time to move out and leave the family to work through their problems. But where will he go?

And when Sasha eventually gets home, she’s disappointed with Calvin’s new tough love approach to her.

Russ and Tina bump into each other in the village and decide to head for a drink to catch up. Tina tells him that she’s happy she’s decided to go back to college as she has big plans for the future. But life’s not going to be that easy for the poor girl.

Later in the week, it’s clear that tensions between Tina and Dom are mounting as she tries desperately to put all memories of the surrogacy well and truly behind her. Will she really be able to do that?

Mandy isn’t coping too well having to run Mobs on her own. She’s really feeling the loss of Max. She’s so wrapped up in the day-to-day running of the business, she doesn’t even notice when Malachy does his best to charm her.

Jacqui’s concerned about Mandy too, but in a quite selfish way. She’s jealous of the fact that Mandy seems to have it all and carries of her “perfect mother” image with aplomb. Jacqui fiercely snaps at Mandy when she dares to suggest that baby Max might have a touch of eczema.

Jacqui’s well and truly exhausted looking after her new son, but when she looks to the family for support they’re not exactly falling over themselves to give it. That is, until Tina spots a chance to spend some time with baby Max. Is this wise?

Elliot’s fed-up with his failed attempts to win Sarah’s affection. In a fit of frustration he asks Hannah to go to the Comic Fayre with him. She agrees, but both are blatantly unaware that this is going to make Sarah a very jealous lady indeed.

The Comic Fayre turns out to be a bit of a disaster when hardly anyone turns up to run their stalls. It’s made even worse for Elliott when Sarah doesn’t bother to attend either.

Little does he know that Sarah is trying to get there. When she does, she finds Elliott and Hannah in a rather compromising situation. What on earth will she do?

Hollyoaks: Darren gets a phone call from his “dead” dad