Greenland to introduce discrimination protection for gays

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A new law that makes it illegal to discriminate against homosexuals is to be introduced in Greenland as it emerged that gay men struggle with homosexuality more than women do.

Greenland’s news site Sermitsiak reported that the law, which legal experts said was not necessary until now, is set to take effect in 2010.

“Homosexuality hasn’t been something that has been important for people,” Søren Volder, chief legal advisor for the Home Rule government told Denmark’s Politiken newspaper.

Greenland, a self-governing Danish province with a population of 56,000, is the only Nordic country without such legislation.

Historian Jens Rydstöm believes that while lesbians can fulfil traditional female roles, gay men are often thought of as incapable of performing masculine tasks such as hunting, and are discriminated against.

Passing the law has enormous symbolic value,” said Rydstöm.

“”This is an important message to send to Greenland’s gays and lesbians,” he said. ”

He suggested that a combination of the media’s willingness to report about homosexuality and legislation preventing discrimination could help it become more acceptable.