Emmerdale: Can Donna nab Freddie in time to clear Viv’s name?

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Donna is looking over some CCTV footage at work when she’s shocked to spot someone who looks exactly like Freddie walking out of a shop. As you can imagine, she gets quite worked up at this sighting and Ross has to do his best to calm her down. But Donna becomes determined to pay a visit to the shop.

Once there, Donna questions the manager, who recognises the man and provides an address for him.

At the house, Donna’s excitement soon turns to great disappointment when Ross tells her that there’s nobody home. He thinks they should call time on this little excursion but Donna won’t accept that. She convinces Ross to stay with her as she stakes out the house,
waiting for Freddie to return.

It turns out to be a long night for Donna, parked outside the house. She doesn’t know what to do when, in the morning, she realises that her mum and Bob’s court case is about to begin. Should she stay or go?

Realising that finding Freddie would give Viv a greater chance of getting off, she decides to wait it out. She soon gets what she’s been waiting for. Freddie emerges from the house and loads a suitcase into a car. Donna wastes no time in running across the road and tries to arrest him.

Freddie’s not going to come quietly though. He throws the case at Donna and tries to make a run for it. Ross is quick to come running over and grab him, but Freddie whacks him in the face, jumps in the car and speeds off. Donna orders Ross back to their car and they give chase.

Ross calls for back up and Donna has her foot to the floor as they speed through the sleepy dales. Will they reach Freddie in time and be able to clear Viv’s name once and for all?

Nicola is over the moon when she hears that Rodney has written another story. Rodney’s convinced that he’s going to get back in Diane’s good books with this tale: Rollercoaster Rod and Dynamic Di. Will she be happy with this new instalment?

Scheming Nicola is more concerned with how she’s going to get her mitts on the manuscript.

Elsewhere in the dales, Pearl pinches Betty’s keys and heads to Keepers Cottage to steal
her quilt back. Her plan soon backfires when she’s caught red-handed by a half-dressed Turner.

Later that day, Turner pays Pearl a visit and demands that she give the quilt back. She refuses. A tug-of-war over the quilt follows and, yes you’ve guessed it, it gets torn. Oh dear.

Turner feels terrible about the whole thing and offers to help Pearl mend it. As they get going on the repairs, it turns out that these two get along like a house on fire. They hit it off so well that Turner moves in for a kiss. Will his actions be reciprocated?

Val arrives home early from her holiday and wastes no time in getting passionate with Eric. But a big dampener is put on events when Eric spots that she has a new tattoo. Val seems to have had “Derek” artistically etched onto her skin. Who on earth is Derek? That’s a question that a furious Eric wants to know. How will Val explain this one?
Emmerdale: Can Donna nab Freddie in time to clear Viv’s name?