Hollyoaks: Mercedes and Kris share a night of passion

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Kris starts off the week absolutely furious with Malachy. He finds out that his brother’s failed to reach Ireland in time for their mum’s birthday and promises to track him down to find out why.

Nancy’s concern for Malachy grows when she find out that he lied about telling her that he was HIV positive.

Later in the week, things take a turn for the unexpected in Hollyoaks village as an embarrassed Mercedes find herself waking up one morning to none other than Kris! Now that’s an awkward moment worth seeing.

Kris feels terrible about his night of passion with Mercedes and feels compelled to confess to Malachy that he’s slept with his girlfriend. Malachy is beside himself as reality hits. He considers the fact that he might now have infected both his brother and Mercedes with HIV. What will they do?

Elsewhere in the village, Niall arrives at Steph’s and soon receives a frantic phone call from John Paul telling him that Kieron’s tried to commit suicide. Will he survive?

Tony is having business and relationship woes this week. It’s clear who wears the trousers in his house when Jacqui informs him that she’s taking over the daily running of Washed Up. Poor Tony doesn’t stand a chance against this feisty lady.

Jacqui’s new role has forced Tony to resign. He’s feeling down in the dumps until Michaela turns up with a treat. What is she up to now?

Sarah makes Hannah her campaign manager as she fights the election to become entertainment office. Zak pledges his allegiance to Elliot.

But is Sarah taking this election a little bit too seriously? Hannah thinks so. She’s concerned at just how little regard Sarah is showing for Elliot.

With so much action going on in Chester it would be easy to forget that there’s a wedding coming up too. Although, maybe it’s also slipped Calvin’s mind that he’s getting hitched as we find out that he’s completely forgotten to decide on a best man. Realising his oversight, he ends up offering both Danny and Leo the job. But things don’t go smoothly.

Danny soon finds himself in hot water when Lauren reads out his speech. Leo overhears her and recognizes plenty of his own speech wording. Oh dear.

Carmel is predictably full of romantic notions about her big day. Sadly, the Valentine household is not such a gleeful place. Calvin is barely coping with his guilty conscience as pressure from Warren continues to build. Will their guilty secret come to light before the wedding?
Hollyoaks: Mercedes and Kris share a night of passion