Court hears how Mr Gay UK killed and cooked another man

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A forensic scientist has told a court that she found six pieces of human flesh – some cooked so that they were browned on the edges but raw in the middle – on a chopping board in a flat belonging to a former winner of the Mr Gay UK competition.

Anthony Morley, 36, who won the gay beauty contest in 1993, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 33 year old Damian Oldfield- who he is accused of murdering and then cooking.

Valerie Tomlinson, told the court she examined Mr Morely’s house shortly after a killing took place in his bedroom.

Ms Tomlinson told the jury that in Mr Morely’s kitchen she found a blue chopping board containing six pieces of human flesh on it together with a cleaver.

There she also found fresh herbs, olive oil and a dish of seeds. A frying pan on the hob contained herbs and oil.

She told the court: “It does suggest that the original piece of meat had been cooked as one piece of meat and subsequently chopped.” Adding that on the cleaver: “there was greasy staining but very little actual blood on that item. It may well have been used to chop the original piece of meat after the meat had been fried.”

Ms Tomlinson also told the court that a partly consumed piece of flesh was found in a plastic bin bag in the kitchen

Today, the court was also told that the pair had been involved in a relationship of some kind in the previous months and that they exchanged a series of text messages on the 23rd April 2008, the date of the Oldfield’s death.

One text implied that Mr Morley was having difficulties with his sexuality but would “like to try again” but “take it slow”.

Mr Stubbs yesterday told the court that after sexual activity took place that Mr Moorley then stabbed Oldfield in the throat. “He continued to stab and stab and stab him until he died. Even when he was dead the attack continued until finally Mr Morley cut parts of flesh from the body.”

The prosecuting barrister then told the court: “”From a chopping board on one of the kitchen units, six pieces of cooked flesh, seasoned with fresh herbs and fried in olive oil were recovered. The flesh was human in origin.”

He added: “After Mr Oldfield had died, Mr Morley had cut away a piece of his chest and nipple and then he placed a bank card over the wound.”

The court was told that there was no sign of struggle and that it was possible that the victim was attacked from behind. It was claimed that Mr Morley later went to the takeaway and asked for the police to be called.

Mr Morley was reported to have said to the police: “It’s this lad, he tried to rape me so I stopped him.” When asked how, Mr Morley allegedly said: “”I’m a chef, how do you think I
stopped him?”

The prosecution claimed that Mr Morley admitted to the police that he had stabbed Mr Oldfield a number of times.

The Morley’s defence counsel, Robert Smith QC, said that his client was guilty of manslaughter but that he may have been provoked and that Mr Morley may have a mental abnormality.

Oldfield was an employee of All Points North, the company owning ‘Bent’ Magazine, ‘Mission’ Club in Leeds and ironically the ‘Mr Gay UK’ brand. He worked as an advertising manager for the magazine.

The case continues.