Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Jed and Maria bring Tony down between them?

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Maria is locked in the house with her husband’s killer and listens stunned as he tells her that the affair was going on for months and admits that he did want Liam out of the way. Tony then offers her a million pounds to stop the accusations. Maria is aghast and sets off to the police station. Carla can’t understand why Tony won’t sack Rosie but he insists that he would also have to sack Sally and that would arouse suspicion. Carla decides to let Rosie know exactly how she feels about her betrayal before heading over to Maria’s to tell her side of the story. Carla tells Leanne that Tony knew about the affair but has forgiven her but Leanne is not convinced that Tony is the forgiving type. Meanwhile, Jed Stone has heard Maria’s accusation and thinks he is on to something – he lets Tony know that he is going to compare notes with Maria.

Undeterred by what is going on with Maria and Carla, Rosie meets with a journalist and spies a way of making some cash out of her kidnap ordeal.

Steve has managed to console Jessie who has agreed to do a party for Amy.
The party is a huge hit and Becky spots a touching moment between Michelle and Steve. With a heavy heart she tells him to lay off the bad boyfriend act till after Christmas at least.

Liz annoys Michelle by appointing Poppy assistant manager of the Rovers. She tackles Steve but he takes his mum’s side insisting her can’t undermine her as she runs the pub.

Elsewhere on the street, Pam spots another way to make a fast buck, Peter invites Leanne to a works Christmas do which doesn’t turn out quite as she’s expected and Mary appears to have developed a crush on Norris, much to Jed’s amusement.

Peter has to decorate the tree and find Simon a costume for the nativity play. He asks Leanne to go with him but she is sick of his behaviour and resigns. Drowning his sorrows Peter turns up for the nativity play drunk, much to the horror of the audience. . He is escorted from the premises and Ken manages to snatch his car keys off him insisting that Simon is coming home with them. Back on the street Peter goes from bad to worse until Liz has to ask him to leave the Rovers. He bangs on Ken and Deirdre’s door insisting that he wants to see his son but Ken refuses and Leanne arrives just in time to stop Peter hitting his father.

Norris is less than impressed when he returns home to find Jed and Mary tangled up in fairy lights. Mary insists to Norris that she isn’t interested in Jed but makes it clear that the age gap isn’t the problem.

Jack is back from Blackpool and is devastated that Tyrone and Molly have split. He tries to set them up by getting Molly to make him tea but Molly is still hostile towards Tyrone.