British tourists arrested in Bermuda after in-flight homophobic abuse

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A flight from Manchester to the Dominican Republic had to make an emergency landing in Bermuda when three passengers traded homophobic abuse with cabin crew.

All three were arrested in Bermuda and 35-year-old Grant Smith from Burnley has been charged by British police.

As well as abusing staff and being drunk and disorderly the men were reportedly smoking.

Smith was arrested at Gatwick when he returned to the UK last week.

He has been charged with charged with interfering with the performance of a crew member contrary to the Air Navigation Order 2005 and will appear in magistrate’s court later this month.

A second man was released without charge. The third was deported and landed in the UK this morning.

The incident happened on a Thomas Cook flight on New Year’s Eve.

Sussex police Chief Inspector Ed Henriet told The Sun:

“People who endanger aircraft in this manner can expect to receive custodial sentences.”