EastEnders Spoilers: What now for Jay?

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Janine is determined not to settle for anything but the top job at R&R and does a deal that will make her the owner. But Jack is competing in the battle of cunning so who will come up on top – will her plans go up in smoke?

Billy is desperate to keep a job, but equally desperate to see his children. He is given his old job back by Ronnie but blows it when he gets a call from Honey saying he can see the children immediately. When Janine says all their money problems will be sorted, he thinks what he would be able to do with them if he didn’t have to worry about work all the time.

Jay’s feelings for Marissa are starting to show, while the stark reality of her life prompts him to suggest running away together. But when his holdall and the stuffed cat are discovered, and Marissa is forced to abandon her plans to fun away, he is left alone and confused.

Denise’s thoughts turn to the family’s impending move – where will they go? Their answer lies with Patrick who says they can continue renting the house from him when he moves. But will he be going anywhere?

Jane and Denise are shocked to find a drunken Linda kissing Patrick and so Denise plans to see Yolande in Birmingham in a bid to keep her two friends together. More mystery surrounds Patrick – the stranger who has been asking for him might not be quite what he seems. So why is Patrick finding it difficult to move on?

Lucas surprises Denise with his new job at the chippy but it causes a row when Jane overhears Denise making disparaging comments about the Beales. Can he hang on to his new role?

Phil becomes an unlikely landlord when Tanya demands that Max and Bradley move out to give her time with the children. Bradley isn’t happy with the arrangement, living with his Dad. He is even less happy living with a St Bernard dog called Gumbo, who was palmed off on him by a stranger. But Ben falls in love with him and so, strangely enough, does Phil. Could this be the start of a new interest for Bradley?

Jane and Christian’s exploits are revealed and battle lines are drawn – with the result that Jane and Zainab fall out and vow to ruin the other’s business.
EastEnders Spoilers: What now for Jay?