Trans woman facing deportation to Malaysia

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A trans woman who lives with her husband in Derby is fighting to be allowed to stay in Britain.

Fatine Young, 36, began living as a woman at the age of 17.

Originally from Malaysia, she met 30-year-old Ian Young in 2006 while he was working in Kuala Lumpur and entered Britain on a six-month tourist visa to live with him last December.

The couple married in a civil service in the UK in June after seeking permission from the Home Office. They now live together in Sponden, Derby.

However, Fatine has had her application to stay in the country rejected twice. One application was rejected due to an incorrect passport photo and the other was rejected because it was submitted after her visa expired.

She believes that if sent home to Malaysia, the widespread media coverage of her case will lead to her being jailed.

Fatine has undergone hormone therapy but has not had genital surgery, something that may make her return more dangerous.

Homosexuality (which is what their relationship would be viewed as) is illegal in Malaysia and Muslim leaders in the country have said she would face punishment if she returns wearing women’s clothes or tries to re-register her marriage there.

The couple have submitted a third application which appeals for a right to family life under the Human Rights Act.

The UK Border Agency says she is permitted to seek residency in the UK but must first return to her home country to apply.