Parents complain after children directed to gay fetish site

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A government spokesman has had to apologize after children searching for an educational website were directed to a gay pornography site instead.

‘Busters World’, part of the DirectgovKids website, aims at teaching children through interactive games and quizzes and is named after a cartoon dog called Buster.

Children were however shocked to discover that the top listing on google for ‘Busters World’ was a gay porn site specialising in men with a balloon fetish.

A spokesman from the Department of Children, Schools and Families said:

“The naming of this web page was clearly a mistake and we regret the supplier’s usual thorough checking procedures seem to have failed.”

Children clicking on the link are confronted with a screen that says, “Busters world is an adult content website dealing with male pornography and fetish content.”

But many parents were concerned over the way that such a site had become more accessible to children.

‘Busters world’ is part of the DirectgovKids website and is aimed at children aged 5-11. On its website it claims its mission is to:

“Invite children to explore in a self-contained world, full of online games and activities.

Intriguingly the ‘Busters World’ website has a similar mission statement…

“This area was designed to inform, educate and otherwise entertain inquisitive minds”