Tenth suspect arrested over New York homophobic beatings

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A tenth suspect was arrested yesterday in connection with a homophobic attack on three men in New York.

Police believe that the attack took place after gang members suspected that a new recruit was gay.

Jose Dominguez, 22, was arrested and charged with gang assault, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment as hate crimes, AFP reports.

On Monday, Ruddy Vargas-Perez, 22, was arrested and charged with robbery, gang assault and unlawful imprisonment as hate crimes. His lawyer said he did not take part in any of the attacks.

According to police, a gang calling themselves the Latin King Goonies falsely imprisoned three men in a vacant house in Brooklyn on October 3rd, subjecting them to anti-gay abuse, beatings and, in the case of two of the victims, sexual assault.

The victims were two teenage boys and a 30-year-old man, who the gang believed was one of the teenage victims’ boyfriend.

They were allegedly asked “Is it true that you’re a fag?” before being attacked.

The older man’s brother was also beaten and robbed, police said.

The other eight suspects are Ildefonzo Mendez, 23; Elmer Confresi, 23; David Rivera, 21; Steven Caraballo, Denis Peitars, Nelson Falu and Bryan Almonte, all 17; and Brian Cepeda, 16.