Lesbian PC killed herself after being ‘victimised’

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A lesbian police officer killed herself after being bullied about her sexuality and appearance, an inquest heard today.

Lara Goldie, 28, was found hanged at her Hackney flat in June.

She graduated from Hendon police college in April and was working in Haringey as a trainee PC.

She had left a four-page suicide note which referred to personal problems but also contained a paragraph about the Met in which she said colleagues were prejudiced against her.

The Daily Mail reports that today’s inquest heard that she felt she had been “picked on” and “ostracised”, especially for her short, spiky hairstyle.

Her class of 23 students had two other lesbians but she told her counsellor Kamili Allnutt that she felt some colleagues were racist and homophobic.

The inquest also heard she had a history of depression and had recently suffered a painful break-up with her girlfriend.

A police investigation after Ms Goldie’s death found that “inappropriate” remarks had been made but there was no evidence of misconduct.

A verdict of suicide was recorded.