Tel Aviv LGBT youth centre faces closure

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An LGBT youth centre in Tel Aviv may have to close because of financial problems.

The Bar Noar centre was the scene of a fatal shooting two years ago, in which a teenage girl and a counsellor died. The perpetrator has not been caught.

The centre holds evening events and acts as a meeting place for LGBT youths.

According to, management are deliberating whether to hold a final evening of activities tonight.

The facility’s director Shaul Ganon says it needs NIS 1,200 (about £200) a month to carry on. The centre receives few donations and although the amount needed is small, the centre says it has not been able to raise the funds.

Speaking to last month, Mr Ganon said: “Personally, I feel that we have been abandoned somewhat and that is a shame, because the place is very important to a large number of youth. It is their second home. They get something here that they don’t get anywhere else. I am hoping a solution will be found. If no solution is found, we will have to close the club.”

Since the shooting, the centre has had to pay for a security guard to be stationed on the door during all events.

Liz Trubishi, 16, and Nir Katz, 26, were killed when a gunman opened fire on a meeting. Fifteen others were injured.

The killer has still not been caught.

Homosexuality is legal in Israel and Tel Aviv is known for its vibrant gay nightlife.