Comedian Adam Carolla ‘sorry for causing offence’ over anti-LGBT rant

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US comedian Adam Carolla has offered a half-apology for making homophobic and transphobic remarks.

The star was condemned by gay rights groups for last week’s episode of The Adam Carolla Show, in which he hit out at gays and transgender people.

Carolla, who has posed for the anti-homophobia NOH8 campaign, said: “Can the gays shut up? Just get married and please shut up. You’re ruining my life.”

Discussing a petition to allow the Sesame Street puppets to wed, he said: “Yeah, Bert and Ernie butt f**king are going to save a lot of lives. It’s going to be awesome.”

Referring to LGBT he said: “What does the BLT stand for?” He later suggested that “YUCK” would be more inappropriate.

About transgender people, he said: “When did we start giving a shit about these people?”

Carolla also took aim at Cher’s transgender son Chaz Bono, saying: “Every time I see Chaz Bono, my cock looks at me and says, ‘What?'”

Speaking to TMZ yesterday, Carolla said: “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. I’m a comedian, not a politician.”

The comedian said last year that gay parents were not as good as straight parents.

Herndon Graddick, senior director of programmes at GLAAD, said, “Given his history of anti-gay and racist comments, networks and advertisers should know what their money is supporting if they choose to hire Adam Carolla. The gross intolerance that he tries to pass off as comedy should not have a place on our airwaves.”