Woman accused of anti-gay attack showed jurors gay pride tattoo

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A woman accused of a homophobic attack showed jurors a picture of a rainbow tattoo on her bottom to prove she is not anti-gay.

Lauren Proverbs, 21, of Borehamwood, was found not guilty of actual bodily harm over an incident in a takeaway in January.

She was told today that she will not face a retrial after the jury was unable to agree on a verdict, the Borehamwood Times reports.

Ms Proverbs and a friend were in a takeaway in Shenley Road after an evening of drinking in the early hours of Saturday, January 8th.

While they were waiting for their food, a row began between the pair and a lesbian couple who were out with another friend.

Gina Landon claimed that the defendant used homophobic language towards her. Ms Landon said that Ms Proverbs’ friend came towards her and Ms Landon grabbed the friend’s hair.

Then, Ms Landon claimed, Ms Proverbs punched her and knocked her to the ground before stamping on her ribs.

Ms Landon went to hospital the next day with a cut lip, a bump to the head and an abrasion on her ribs.

Ms Proverbs claimed that as she had been in a same-sex relationship, she would never have used homophobic language.

She showed jurors a picture of the tattoo, on her right buttock, which showed a flower in rainbow colours.

Ms Proverbs said that it was Ms Landon who began acting aggressively.