Man accused of kidnapping and raping young gay woman claims sex was consensual

A policeman patrols in a high vis jacket around a city centre.

A man on trial in Plymouth for allegedly kidnapping and raping a young gay woman has told police he believed the sex was consensual.

Plymouth Crown Court heard on Friday (6 January) that Yuseab Woldeab allegedly kidnapped the young woman after convincing her he was a taxi driver.

According to prosecution attorney Peter Rouch KC, Woldeab proceeded to take her to his home in Millbridge and raped her multiple times, as reported by PlymouthLive.

The victim, who has remained anonymous, told police after the incident that she had “always been gay” and was in a serious “long-term relationship” with another woman.

During a video interview with investigating officers, the victim broke down multiple times while saying she had felt “violated and dirty”.

Woldeab, who denies all charges, reportedly told police that he believed the two had engaged in consensual sex, and that she had told him “you’re my type.”

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CCTV footage from the night showed that 28-year-old Woldeab was at the same nightclub on the evening of the alleged assault as the victim and several of her friends drank multiple alcoholic beverages.

The court heard that the woman could remember very little from the night after leaving the club, saying that she believed her drink had been spiked.

Rouch KC emphasised to the jury that, despite remembering very little, the victim could recall entering Woldeab’s vehicle and unexpectedly finding herself in the front passenger seat.

According to the victim, “everything went black” after reaching his home, where she was reportedly laid down on her back, where the alleged assault took place.

She told police that it was “something like I’ve never felt before” because she had never been with a man.

“All I remember is pain,” she added, breaking down into tears. “It’s because I’m gay… because I’ve never slept with a man before – never.”

CCTV footage across Plymouth helped create timeline for the alleged assault

When asked whether she had consented to engage in sex with Woldeab, the victim replied: “It definitely was not done with my consent. I would not have consented to sex with a man.

“I’ve not had sex with a man before. I’m in a happy gay relationship. I would not have consented to have sex with a man. Ever.”

After the incident, she recalled frantically leaving the property, running down the street to try and find where she was.

The victim then found herself in a street near City College, Plymouth, where she was seen on CCTV footage attempting to hail a nearby car which didn’t stop.

After contacting two friends to “help me” over Snapchat, a police report was filed and Woldeab was eventually found, despite minimal information regarding the alleged assault.

Plymouth’s Sexual Assault Referal Centre (SARC) found traces of DNA linked to Woldeab in both orifices of the victim.

As well as CCTV footage obtained during the incident, lead investigator Luke Portch highlighted to the jury that the timings of contact between the alleged rape and the messages to her friends also aided in piecing together the timeline of events.

The trial continues.

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