Video: ‘Rory’s story’ shows inequalities of civil partnerships in Ireland

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A short video clip about a boy and his two mothers shows the consequences of ‘discriminatory’ civil partnerships in Ireland.

Made by Marriage Equality Ireland, the clip, titled ‘Rory’s Story’, shows the family as happy and accepted until the day the law classes them as strangers.

Ireland legalised civil partnerships in January but gay rights campaigners say they are not good enough and are calling for full marriage equality.

Marriage Equality Ireland says it has identified more 140 differences between civil partnerships and marriage, including the fact that children of non-biologically related civil partners are not recognised.

Charity director Moninne Griffth said: “We made this film to raise awareness about the continued discrimination faced by lesbian and gay couples and their children despite recent civil partnership legislation.

“We want people to know that although civil partnership is a step in the right direction, it is not marriage and it’s not equality.

“For example, civil partnership does not allow children to have a legally recognised relationship with both of their parents – only the biological one. This causes all sorts of problems with schools and hospitals as well as around guardianship, access and custody.”

She added: “We need the government to legislate for equality for same sex families and access to marriage would give these rights and security to hundreds of families around Ireland. We are asking people to watch the film online and then get involved with the campaign.”