Ospreys rugby team silent on Kristian Phillips’ alleged gay slur

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Welsh rugby team the Ospreys has failed to respond to questions over one of its players using the term “faggot” on Twitter.

PinkNews.co.uk received a screenshot of Kristian Phillips’ account on 7 November in which he called Big Brother 2011 winner Aaron Allard-Morgan a “faggot”.

Phillips was a surprise call-up to represent Wales in the Six Nations competition last year.

One of the tweets on the 21-year-old’s account read: “Aaron is the biggest loser I have ever seen, trying to turn it around and make Jay and Louise look bad! #BBUK #Faggot #Gimp #Getalife”.

Allard-Morgan kissed fellow male contestant Jay McKray on the lips as part of a game on the Channel 5 show.

The contestant went on to be named winner some days after Phillips’ tweet, which has since been deleted.

The tweet in question was sent between 6.35pm and 11.53pm on 7 November.

At the time of publication, the Ospreys had not responded to PinkNews.co.uk’s enquiries about Phillips’ status following the message.

The Welsh Rugby Union said it was a matter for the club to act on.

This year, English rugby player Ben Cohen announced his retirement from rugby and his decision to found the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation, which exists to tackle homophobia.

At the time, he said: “As athletes, it is not enough just to have strong bodies, we must have strong characters and use our voices to support those who need and deserve it.”

The Football Association have announced that they would be fining Crawley FC player Hope Akpan £1200 after a tweet was sent from his account which read: “Gays all over the tele what’s wrong with Britain! Sorry I’m #FullyHomophobic.”.