Leaflet defendant had to ‘stop gays or risk tsunami’

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A man accused of stirring up hatred with anti-gay leaflets said homosexuality needs to be stopped or society risks “something like a tsunami”, a court has heard.

28-year-old Kabir Ahmed is one of the five men on trial at Derby Crown Court for his part in the distribution of three leaflets.

The Derby Evening Telegraph reports that when asked about homosexuality by police, Ahmed had said: “We are living in a society and if we don’t stop it something like a tsunami will happen here, something on that scale.”

He added: “We are trying to stand and voice on these issues. I am part of this country – I was born here.

“You can think of it as a little vigilante thing.”

One gay man who appeared at the court this week said he felt “terrorised” when the leaflets were pushed through his letterbox, believing he was the victim of a hate campaign.

The group also handed out leaflets to the public outside their mosque.

The publications were called ‘Death Penalty?’, ‘Turn or Burn’, and ‘GAY – God Abhors You’.

One featured a figure in a burning lake, another showed a mannequin hanging by the neck.

The men deny charges that they distributed “threatening” material intended to stir up hatred based on sexual orientation.

At Derby Crown Court, the men face up to seven years in prison and an unlimited fine if convicted.