Russian anti-gay group sues Madonna for $10m for ‘causing moral suffering’

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A group of homophobic Russian activists have sued Madonna for $10 million after they claimed she insulted their feelings when she spoke out in favour of gay equality during last week’s concert in St Petersburg.

Hours before her performance, Madonna announced on Facebook that she would be handing out pink wristbands in a sign of support for St Petersburg’s LGBT community.

Earlier this year, the US singer vowed to defy a ban on LGBT expression, imposed by the city’s lawmakers, describing it as a “ridiculous atrocity”.

Before the concert police officers were deployed to the venue, as priests vowed to burn pictures of the pop icon following her demonstration on stage in Moscow two nights earlier.

Alexei Kolotkov, one of the activists who claims that Madonna caused him moral suffering said: “Maybe someone does not see the link but after Madonna’s concert maybe some boy becomes gay, some girl becomes lesbian, fewer children are born as a result and this big country cannot defend its borders – for me it causes moral suffering.”

Darya Dedova another activist told Reuters that money won in the case would be donated to orphanages. They said that Madonna: “had been warned with words that she should behave in line with the law and she ignored it. So we will speak in the language of money.”

“Of course, it is difficult to measure moral damages and suffering but maybe people who earn money regardless of moral rules will better understand this.”

During the performance Madonna decided to wear a balaclava – the trademark accessory of the punk band Pussy Riot – she also stripped to reveal a black bra with the words of the band written on her back.

Today three members of Russian feminist punk band were found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred. Each band member has been sentenced to two years in prison, beginning from the day of their arrest.