Brighton: Mum’s pride at son who stood up to anti-gay ‘bigots’

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A mother in Brighton has spoken of her admiration for her son after he was beaten up for fending off homophobic thugs.

18-year-old Jack Young, who is straight, was bottled in the face, after confronting people who were shouting homophobic abuse during last weekend’s Brighton Pride celebrations.

He was on St James’s Street in Kemptown, on Saturday evening when he came across a group of individuals who were making derogatory remarks about the LGBT community.

According to the Argus newspaper, he confronted them only to be hit with a bottle.

The teenager has been left with injuries to his face

Jack’s mother, Sue Fallon, subsequently shared the story on the Wipe Out Homophobia Facebook group.

She spoke of her gratitude at receiving kind words of support from the LGBT community and said in a post:

“I am extremely proud of my son for what he did. I know for a fact that if he came across the same situation again he would react the same, it’s just how he is.

I have just spent over an hour reading all of your lovely comments. I am overwhelmed by all [the] caring words.

I LOVE how many of you like the photo. I know it’s because you like what he did, not what has happened. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your comments.

A lot of you have asked if the police are involved, they have been round to speak to Jack but he does not want it to go any further, This he says, is because there is no point, they would not get caught, They know they have done wrong & one day they will all get theirs.

I wish he would make a statement but sadly at 18 he is classed as an adult so I have no control”.

Mrs Fallon ended her post by saying Jack: “Does not see himself as a hero, he was in his own words “‘Just doing his civic duty'”.

Earlier this week, Sussex Police revealed it had made 40 arrests during last weekend’s Brighton Pride festival.