Tracey Emin: The church should embrace gay people

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Tracey Emin has spoken of her support for equal marriage and believes there should always be a separation of the church and state.

While she doubts that she will marry anytime soon, Emin said gay people should have the option to do so.

The Independent has published a comment piece by the British artist, in which she discussed her support for the paper’s equal marriage campaign.

She also discussed her own religious leanings, and said that she felt guilty for masturbating when she was growing up because of her relationship with God.

Emin said: “I’m not religious but there is always a time for God, and a time for prayer,” and went on to say that “no one should be excluded” by any church.

“I would say that all adults should be allowed to marry in church in the eyes of God – regardless of sex or gender. Love should transcend all; the promise of devotion to another, to love and honour, for better or worse, in sickness and health.” Emin said.

“But what about the Church of England? Had Henry VIII thrown in a quick law allowing same-sex marriage at the same time as legalising divorce, the world could now be such a different place.

“There is a great need for the church to change its perception on homosexuality. The church should be more kind and understanding to young people coming out. Christians should behave in a Christian manner.

Emin added: “I have never been married, and probably never will be married. But sometimes I fantasise. The fantasy either takes me up the aisle in my local church, Christ Church Spitalfields, or, on a really big ego-inflated day, St Paul’s Cathedral. Everybody should be able to share that same fantasy.”

Writing in the same paper last week, Sir Elton John urged for the UK Government to continue with its plans for equal marriage in the face of stiff opposition by senior religious leaders and said that he longed for the day when he could refer to his partner David Furnish as his “husband”.