David Walliams: I’m happy to be camp but I hate the way I look

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

David Walliams, 41, has spoken out about his dislike of his appearance. He told Esquire that despite previous psychiatric help, that his changeable characteristics rescued his sanity.

Walliams further explained to the magazine that despite avoiding the mirror, his looks are not crucial to his career  “I’ve always, always hated the way I look. But that’s ok, I’m a comedian, it wouldn’t be good for me to be vain.”

Noted for his cross-dressing and eccentric character roles in Little Britain, Walliams reflected on his time on the show, saying he enjoyed “being someone else” as it was “escapism.”

Due to his cross-dressing career and overall camp nature, Walliams’s sexuality has often been the subject of speculation. He told the magazine: “A lot of people can’t make the distinction between someone who is camp and someone who is gay” he said. “They think it’s the same thing. It’s a thing that people really fear in themselves and I think everyone who is homophobic probably has gay thoughts and feelings.”

He also added that “to some extent, I’ve always been camp or I’ve always associated being camp with getting laughs.”

Walliams has previously opened up about his camp nature and childhood gay experiences.

Despite marrying female supermodel, Lara Stone, who is also expecting their first child together, Walliams still deals with speculative comments surrounding his sexual orientation. However, Walliams has consistently argued has argued: “There’s nothing wrong with being gay, so if people say I am, it doesn’t bother me. I’m not going to sue about that. I’d sue if people said I was a rapist.”

Walliams told Esquire that he is experiencing nerves over his return to Britain’s Got Talent. “It’s a scary thing. I thought this could be the end of my career” he remarked. “’It’s a show that has this huge press, so if you are not doing well on it, the press will devour you.”

Walliams will reappear on Britain’s Got Talent later this year. He announced on the BGT wesbite, “My Simon and I are going to be together again. I’m delighted to confirm I will be a judge on Britain’s Got Talent again next year. I am so happy I could cry.”