US Radio Host: ‘The Boy Scouts should shut down, rather than allow gay members’

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The hosts of a radio program on the American Family Association have spoken out against the Boy Scouts of America’s vote to potentially lift its policy banning gay members, saying that they should “shut her down” rather than allow gays in, and that these are signs of the “end times”.

Speaking with Bert Harper, co-host of Exploring the Word, on the American Family Association’s website, Alex McFarland says that the “homosexual lobby” tries to “control how we think”.

He talks about the emergence of a “homosexual lobby”, which has “bullied” companies into having anti-discrimination policies, and is trying to “take down all establishments”.

They discuss the recent announcement that the BSA would vote on whether or not to drop its national policy banning gay volunteers, members and staff.

Bert Harper says that the BSA is an “honourable and great organisation”, and that the station is trying to “make their voices heard” in opposition to the idea of the ban being lifted.

Alex McFarland then says he was a boy scout, before saying: “I’ve got several old boy scout manuals, and they talk about our duty to god, and man, and keeping yourself morally pure and clean. The scout oath talks about keeping your life clean.

“It just makes me sad that they would cave to the politically correct pressure of the homosexual lobby, and then these companies that are bowing to the pressure, and being coerced and bullied into removing funding, from great organisations.

He continues: “It’s been said that the boy scouts have been for a century, kind of a grooming spot for democracy. Teaching values, teaching leadership, teaching maturity and things like that, and how sad, how tragic, not that truth has been reinvented, or that some great discovery has shown us that 2000 years of western civilisation was wrong, and morality and ethics.”

Talking about the great music and the sexual revolution of the 1960s, he describes a “spiritual battle”, and the emergence of the LGBT movement. He complains about the elimination of prayer from public schools and claims the appearance of an “anti-establishment mentality”.

He goes on to say that the LGBT movement is “really beginning to result in the take-down of all establishments. Churches, educational, government, and now the boy scouts.

“The poor boy scouts, have spent so many millions on lawsuits fighting court cases”, to the point that they are “financially spent”.

He goes on to advise the BSA to close down, rather than to allow gay scouts: “This might sound a little bit reactionary – I would rather close than cave. When they come to your churches, and when they tell your pastor you cannot preach the full counsel of God because parts of scripture are hate speech.

“If we don’t turn around, when they begin to mandate how we can and cannot worship the lord jesus christ, I would have to say incarcerate me or kill me, but we will not cave – we will close down before we cave. I just would encourage the Boy Scouts to stand strong, or shut her down.

He then claims that “gay activists who try to control how we think,” to which co-host Bert responds: “Human secularism has taken over” because of the “results of a society rejecting God”.

Alex McFarland then goes on to say that he thinks we are living in the “end days”.

AFA is running a petition against the plans to vote on the policy, which the hosts said had “thousands upon thousands” of signatures.

Earlier this week, the leader of the American Family Association has said the Boy Scouts of America’s announcement that it might lift its ban on gay scouts could open its doors to paedophiles.

A vote is expected from the BSA before Wednesday.