Iain Dale: Some of the MPs who oppose same-sex marriage are secretly gay

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LBC presenter and political commentator, Iain Dale, has sensationally claimed that several MPs who will vote against equal marriage are having secret gay affairs.

Mr Dale says that several of those listed as supporters of the Coalition for Marriage are conducting gay affairs.

In a blog post, Mr Dale claimed that some are “closet case gays”.

“I note also the names of two supposedly straight MPs who I know to be conducting gay affairs at the moment,” he wrote.

He described their activities as “rank hypocrisy” and warned that although he will not out them, others may take a different view.

In an update, Mr Dale wrote: “People seemed to interpret the rest as some sort of veiled threat. It isn’t. It is merely pointing out the blindingly obvious that any apparently straight MP having a gay affair could have to defend themselves against charges of hypocrisy. Others, who are less squeamish about outing others may hold those MPs to account. All I was doing was pointing out to those MPs to be prepared for it.”

Last week, David Burrowes, the Conservative MP for Enfield warned that up to 200 Conservative MPs will vote against the bill.

The first vote on same-sex marriage in the House of Commons will be held on Tuesday.