Leader of South Africa’s Agang Party says being gay is ‘how God created us’

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Mamphela Ramphele, leader of South Africa’s new Agang Party, has made comments in which she supports LGBT rights and opposes homophobia.

Ms Ramphele, 65, who is famous in South Africa for her anti apartheid activism, formed the Agang Party last week.

In an interview with City Press last Sunday she was very clear about her support for LGBT people.

Responding to a question about homophobic violence and the rights of gay people in South Africa, she said: “That we have homophobia today is a disgrace.

“We have a formal system that protects everybody to be able to express themselves.

“But again we haven’t educated people to understand that being orientated sexually in a particular way is not a crime, is not a disease; it’s not something you can cure.

“It is how God created us”.

Ms Ramphele launched the Agang party on 18 February said that the party intends to revive the South African dream of “a prosperous constitutional democracy united in its diversity”.