Morrissey: ‘If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars’

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Morrissey, the former singer of the legendary 80s band ‘The Smiths’, says if the size of the world’s gay male population was larger, it would mean “there would be no wars”.

The 53-year-old musician has discussed war, homosexuality and Madonna in an interview with Rookie magazine. He also claimed: “homosexual men would never kill other men”.

When asked the question, ‘What political causes mattered most to you back then, and are they still important to you now?’ Morrissey answered: “War, I thought, was the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality.”

The singer then said: “If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men. They even get medals for it.

“Women don’t go to war to kill other women. Wars and armies and nuclear weapons are essentially heterosexual hobbies.”

Morrissey also criticised Madonna, calling the pop star ‘McDonna’, and claimed she wasn’t “loved”.

He said: “In recent years I saw McDonna live, and no audience member reached up toward her to try to touch her.

“I see this so often with artists whom we’re told are global stars. It is a big lie. Or else, you might possibly be a big star, but you are not loved.”

An outspoken vegetarian, Morrissey’s own sexuality has been a subject of debate for many years with the singer frequently telling interviewers that he is asexual.