Video: Garbage stops Detroit show to let a fan propose to his boyfriend

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At a gig in Detroit at the end of March, rock band Garbage stopped their show to invite two fans up on stage, when one talks about how he knew they were meant to be together, before proposing to his boyfriend.

During the gig on Saturday 30 March, lead singer Shirley Manson stopped the show and introduces two fans Scott and Dominic to the stage, reports SameSame.

She says that Scott contacted her via Facebook, and said that his boyfriend was “super amazing”, and that she gave the pair backstage passes, and tickets to the show.

She then says they talked about “a few other things,” before stepping aside to let Scott take over, saying: “So Scott, it’s all yours baby-doll.”

He then gets down on one knee, as the crowd cheers loudly. He says: “Four years ago when I met you, I knew you were the one”, and when he asks the question, Dominic replies: “Yes, yes.”

Manson then said that Scott told her he knew Dominic was the one because they both shared a love for the band, and that they both had Garbage in their record collections.

The 46-year-old singer then thanks the audience for their patience, and says: “Thank you for your indulgence… It’s not often we get to do this sort of thing!” The band went on with their set and dedicated the song Vow to the newly engaged couple.

The band’s frontwoman Shirley Manson has been vocal in her support for LGBT rights in the past, and has spoken out particularly against the past reluctance of US politicians to allow equal marriage.