Death of trans teacher Lucy Meadows, prompts poem by 7-year-old student

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A seven-year-old student of transgender teacher Lucy Meadows, who was found dead last month, has written a poem as teachers and union members marched in remembrance in Lancashire.

At the weekend, teachers, students and union members took to the streets of Lancashire in remembrance of the 32-year-old teacher who was found dead in her home in the town on 19 March.

A 7-year-old student of Ms Meadows, Daisy Moreton wrote a poem, and performed it at the march. It referred to her as a “wonderful teacher”, who “made us feel good”, was “in high spirits”, and “said nice things”.

The march began at St Mary Magdalen’s school, where Ms Meadows taught.

Several news outlets picked up on Ms Meadows’ story after she began her transition, including the Daily Mail. The article that caused the most outrage was a piece written by Richard Littlejohn, who is known for the promulgation of polemic views.

In his column, Littlejohn continuously referred to Ms Meadows as “he”, and said: “He’s not only in the wrong body … he’s in the wrong job”.

The death of Lucy Meadows touched the transgender and non binary communities deeply. A vigil, attended by over 300 people was organised outside the Daily Mail Headquarters in Central London, to celebrate her life and pay respects.

More than 210,000 people have signed an online petition that calls for the Daily Mail to sack its columnist Richard Littlejohn, in the wake of the death of trans teacher Lucy Meadows.

A second petition was started by equality campaigner, Tara Hewitt, with the hope of raising awareness of issues faced by trans people, particularly in the media, following the media attention around the death of Ms Meadows.

Earlier in April, an inquest into the death of Ms Meadows was opened and adjourned.

The full poem by Daisy Moreton, read:

Makes you happy

In high spirits


Said kind things


Made us feel good

Ever helpful

Always nice


One of a kind

Wonderful teacher