UKIP Councillor: ‘Most gays are heterophobic’, and ‘have no rights to marry in church’

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A newly elected UK Independence Party Councillor has been discovered to have posted homophobic and xenophobic comments on Facebook prior to being elected, including claims that “most gays are heterophobic”, and that gay people have “no rights to marry in church”.

Alan Jesson the UKIP County Councillor for Spalding South, made postings on his Facebook page, over several months, between November 2012 and March this year, reports Hope Not Hate. 

He wrote: “No Mosques should be entertained in this country. Islam is anti Gay [sic] and anti women [sic] . It can never be part of English culture.”

Despite the appearance of concern for the gay community, in February, the newly elected Councillor also posted homophobic comments, saying that “most gays are indeed Heterophobic”, and that gay and lesbian people have no right to church marriages.

“Gay people have no rights to marry in church as God does not recognise this action. It would just be a farce. Just because a growing number of people have had it with the Gay community doesn’t make them frightened of Gays in fact I believe most gays are indeed Hetrophobic [sic],” read the post.

As well as homophobic comments, he claimed that Britain will pull out of the EU “to give full employment to British workers,” and addressing a Polish worker in the UK, said: “Fuck off we don’t need you sweetheart we get along just fine without you”.

In England, the latest local election results showed the Conservatives had lost control of nine councils – with UKIP making large gains, polling an average share of 25%. This success came in spite of a Tory Cabinet Minister dismissing UKIP as a “collection of clowns”.

The new energy spokesman for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in Scotland, has come under heavy criticism for saying that “selfish” gay people are “deeply hostile” to straight people, and that they are trying to “destroy our society”.