Russia: Second man in a month killed for being gay was stabbed to death and had body burned

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A man was stabbed and trampled to death by three men last week, after they discovered he was gay, Russia’s Investigative Committee has revealed.

The three suspects were arrested, after they stabbed the 39-year-old man to death, put his body in his car, and set it on fire, said the statement, reports Reuters.

It has been reported that the victim was a senior administrator at an airport, and that the incident took place in a village on the Kamchatka

This is the second suspected homophobic murder, as last month, the naked and beaten body of a 23-year-old man, identified as Vladislav Tornovo, who was raped with beer bottles, was found in the courtyard of an apartment building in Volgograd.

The murder has been noted by gay rights activists, who have said that it signals a rise in the numbers of violent attacks against gay people, and that an anti-gay “propaganda” bill currently in the Russian Duma, and which is backed by President Vladimir Putin, is adding to the anti-gay atmosphere.

Nikolai Alexeyev, a top Russian gay rights activist tweeted: “Now the deputy director of an airport has been killed in Kamchatka. Because he was gay. And it’s going to get worse.”

He went on to say that the anti-gay policies, which have already been passed in St Petersburg, as well as several other regions in Russia, were giving the impression that it was okay to attack gay people, and were part of a larger “homophobic policy”.

Last week, the Russian Children’s Rights Commissioner said it was only “logical” to halt adoptions of Russian children by French couples due to the legalisation of same-sex marriage in France.

Also last week, Thorbjorn Jagland, secretary-general of the Council of Europe asserted that Russia must allow demonstrations by LGBT people, and that it should protect the rights of citizens wishing to hold public rallies.

Gay Russian activist Nikolai Alexeyev and fellow organisers of Moscow Pride were arrested last weekend while meeting outside of the office of the Mayor of Moscow, and were released, one day later.