US: Conservative group praises Nigeria for ‘fighting back’ with anti-gay laws

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A conservative group in the US has praised Nigeria for “taking bold steps to fight back” against measures “to subvert public morality,” though introducing new, harsher, anti-gay laws.

A bill to further criminalise same-sex marriages in Nigeria with prison terms of up to 14 years was passed by lawmakers in the country’s Parliament last week.

MassResistance, a group opposed to equal rights for gay people, has commended the country for the laws, claimed that African countries are experiencing a “breakdown” because of the “homosexual movement”, and criticising Western countries for condemning the laws, reports RightWingWatch.

“The government of Nigeria, which has one of the world’s largest populations of AIDS sufferers, is outraged by what they feel is the Western world’s efforts to subvert public morality. They are now taking bold steps to fight back.

“Almost predictably, Great Britain and the United States are threatening to take action against Nigeria for having the nerve to challenge Western political correctness. A strong bill passes the Nigerian legislature”.

The piece then went on to attack the US Government for actively identifying countries with laws which criminalise homosexuality.

“The Obama Administration even has an ‘openly gay’ State Department official who specializes in dealing with African and Asian countries that are deemed ‘hostile’ to the LGBT worldwide agenda.

“In many ways, the Africans are feeling the brunt of the world-wide homosexual activist movement even more than the United States. They are dealing with the huge spread of AIDS. But also, the breakdown in society caused by the homosexual movement seems to bring more general social destruction in African cultures than in the West. And nation after nation has had enough.

“Luckily, they’re not intimidated by the West. We’ll let you know what happens.”

The leader of MassResistance Brian Camenker, in February appeared on a Christian radio show and said teachers upholding a policy in Massachusetts which aims to protect trans students were like “Nazi concentration camp guards”.

Earlier, Camenker claimed that a recent study on anti-LGBT bullying in schools was “propaganda” and went on to doubt the existence of gay and trans students.