BNP leader Nick Griffin calls gay Asian Manchester man ‘poof’ on Twitter

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BNP leader Nick Griffin is once again under fire for making homophobic and racist remarks.

During a conversation with Twitter user Arif Ali, who is from Manchester, Mr Griffin tweeted that he was a “hysterical little poof”.

The British National Party leader and MEP for the North-West of England has recently been on a trip to France.

In a tweet to Mr Griffin, Mr Ali said: “What you doing there and not in this fine country? trying to keep the French out of Britain? I hope so #lovethebnp #sarcasm.”

Mr Griffin replied: “So many of our dead rest in northern France that Brits have more of a place there than you & yours have in England.”

Mr Ali tweeted Mr Griffin to say: “I was born and raised in Manchester … I have more of a right in Britain than you because I’m not a bigoted idiot…”

The MEP replied: “You belong in Pakistan, but of course, they’d stone you to death! So better help keep Britain non -Islamic!”

Mr Ali tweeted: “now that one was homophobic. And actually Pakistan wouldn’t stone me to death… It’s not a theocracy. Go educate yourself.

“England is my home… So yes I would. However, there are openly gay people in Pakistan… it isn’t that backward.

“its like the church, there are mosques that will do gay marriages yes.”

In response, Mr Griffin tweeted Mr Ali to say: “How is it ‘homophobic’ to point out that Islamists stone homosexuals to death? Hysterical little poof.”

Earlier this month Nick Griffin told Stephen Fry to accept Russia’s decision to introduce anti-gay legislation by tweeting the gay author, actor and broadcaster to say: “Some people & nations just favour traditional values – get over it! Russia has rights too.”