Joseph Gordon-Levitt: It would be ‘really tacky’ of me to clarify whether I am gay

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

In an interview with OUT magazine, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has addressed gay rumours by saying “it would be really tacky” for him to clarify, saying he refuses to give the gossip any attention.

In the interview, the magazine referred to Gordon-Levitt’s 2006 short movie “Pictures of Assholes,” in which he videotapes an instance where he is hounded by paparazzi.

One photographer comes clean about his motive in the film: “We saw a young star with another guy, and it’s implied that there’s something going on. The whole gay thing — it intrigues people.”

The video, which has received over 1 million views since it was posted onto YouTube, shows the actor calmly ignoring the gay rumours:

The 32-year-old actor told OUT magazine why he refused to respond to the allegation. He said: “That would be really tacky — they would win if I had to clarify.”

Gordon-Levitt also said: “I’ve been working as an actor since I was a little kid, and I’ve always been fascinated, and a little horrified, by the way people relate to images they see on screen.

“Sometimes I feel I am seen as a thing more than a person, and I don’t think that’s unique to actors. I think everyone is subject to that kind of pigeonholing.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt previously appeared in the critically acclaimed film Mysterious Skin, in which he takes on the role of a male prostitute who was abused by a football coach in early childhood. His upcoming film, Don Jon, will be shown in cinemas later this year.