Daniel Radcliffe shoots down rumours that he will play Freddie Mercury in biopic

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Daniel Radcliffe has denied rumours that he is to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic about the late Queen star, saying “there is no truth to it at all”.

Plans for a biopic on the life of legendary Queen singer Freddie Mercury in July suffered a blow following the decision of Sacha Baron Cohen to pull out of the project over “creative differences”.

Ealier this week, the Daily Star reported that a source had confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe had been offered the part of Mercury in the biopic, but he has spoken out to deny the rumours, admitting that he is “completely wrong” for the part.

Speaking to the Empire magazine podcast, he said: “There is no truth to it at all… It’s one of those very, very funny things: it came out of a story in the Daily Star and then you see newspapers like The Guardian using The Star as their source, and it grows and grows [until] it’s ‘Dan Radcliffe is playing Freddie Mercury!’, which I was never going to do.

“Everyone on the internet who I presume is saying I’m totally wrong for that part is correct,” he laughed. “I AM completely wrong for that part!”

“If I’d seen a rumour about me playing Iggy Pop, I’d think, ‘Hey, I’d have a go at that – that’d be fun!’, but Freddie Mercury? No. I don’t even know who the director is. They seem to be saying it’s Stephen Frears and Tom Hooper on the internet.”

“This is the kind of thing that happens to me and it happens to Emma [Watson] with multiple 50 Shades Of Grey things. When somebody has column inches to fill, they just sub in one of our names.”

The 24-year old Harry Potter star previously played poet Allen Ginsberg, in Kill Your Darlings. He spoke in an interview about filming gay sex scenes for the film, saying that when filming an intimate gay scene, the director gave him “step-by-step” instructions.

He previously spoke about filming gay sex scenes for the film, and said that it was “something new” but that he didn’t “worry about it”.

Radcliffe also said that the gay kiss with co-star Dane DeHaan was ”sincere, passionate and romantic”, and joked that he would like to win an MTV award for it.