NOW: Part one of Stephen Fry documentary about homophobia airs tonight, BBC Two, 9pm

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The first instalment of a two-part documentary about homophobia around the globe, featuring Stephen Fry, will air tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.

In the documentary, titled Stephen Fry: Out There, he travels to Brazil, Russia, Uganda, India and the US, to explore the issue of homophobia around the world.

He meets with public figures opposed to gay rights, and hears from gay men, women and trans people living their lives in the face of such opposition.

In a specially filmed interview for BBC Media Centre, he says: “I know some people might watch this and go, ‘Why does he have to go on about being gay? Who cares!’ and that is my ideal position in the world. When the day comes when everyone says, ‘who cares!’ that would be just bliss. I wish people didn’t care.”

Director and Series Producer, Fergus O’Brien, also talks about making Out There, and what he set out to achieve: “The thing that I wanted to come out was not necessarily that this was a film or a series about gay rights, I wanted it to be a film about human rights, and I think there’s a difference there in language but it’s an important distinction…

The first party of the documentary will be shown this evening at 9pm and and the second part at 9pm on Wednesday 16 October.