US: Ohio bill would allow same-sex couples to file joint tax returns

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Despite a ban on same-sex marriage, a new bill would allow same-sex couples to enjoy the benefits of filing joint tax returns.

Supporters have said that, despite a 2004 voter-enabled constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in the state, it would still be possible to enact the bill.

Reports say that same-sex couples are currently forced to prepare two separate tax returns. This can potentially mean paying more for those who use an accountant to file their taxes.

The Department of Taxation in the state has so far maintained that state-law dictates that only married couples may file joint tax returns. Same-sex marriage is currently banned in the state.

There is some doubt as to whether the bill will pass through the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Yesterday the legal debate over whether equal marriage should be recognised on death certificates in the state went go to court.