UK: Man lured to house and viciously attacked in homophobic assault by gang of three

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Three friends, who brutally beat a man in a homophobic assault in Cheshire, have pleaded guilty in court.

Dominic Nagy, Vladimir Puchala and Martin Uhlar, all from Warrington, attacked the victim after he was invited to a house for drinks last year.

ThisisCheshire reports the accused, aged between 24 and 33, punched the victim repeatedly and shouted homophobic abuse as he tried to escape the house on 1 June 2013.

The victim had been lured there after chatting to a man he believed to be called Stephan on a Slovakian chat room for several hours earlier that day.

When the victim arrived at the house, Uhlar identified himself as Stephan and invited him inside and asked him to wait in the living room.

The jury heard Puchala entered the room and started to punch the victim shouting homophobic insults at him.

Uhlar and Nagy then joined in, with all three men repeatedly punching the victim in the head.

The victim managed to escape and was later treated at Warrington Hospital for bruising and swelling and was kept in overnight due to his head injuries.

Uhlar, aged 33, and Puchala, aged 30, who have no previous convictions, both pleaded guilty to the assault at Halton Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Nagy, aged 24, was found guilty of the assault.

All three men will be sentenced on February 13 at Halton Magistrates Court.