UK: Brothers who were ‘having a laugh’ as they punched and stamped on trans woman, avoid prison

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Two brothers who punched, kicked and stamped on a trans woman whilst “having a laugh”, will avoid a jail term, a court heard on Monday.

Taunton Crown Court heard that Nathan and Luke Statton, 23 and 24, both of Bridgwater knew the victim before her transition, and were walking past her house on 27 March 2014 when Luke kicked over a sign.

Bridgwater Mercury reports that the victim then stormed out the house, before being pushed by Luke.

She tried to throw a punch in retaliation, but was punched to the ground by Nathan. Luke then kicked her and stamped on her as she lay helplessly on the ground.

In a police interview following the attack, Luke said they were “having a laugh”.

Sentencing, Judge Eric Salomonsen said: “I have seen the CCTV of this unprovoked attack. I have no doubt homophobic remarks were used.

“Luke Statton, you pushed home this assault by kicking and standing on her.”

Luke received an eight-month suspended sentence, while Nathan received a five-month suspended sentence, which means neither will go to jail unless they re-offend.

Judge Saloomonsen said: “If either of you put a foot out of line for the next two years you know what is going to happen.”

The brothers were each ordered to pay £250 compensation and £100 victim surcharge, in addition to court costs.