US: Tennessee politicians give notice to appeal pro-gay marriage rulings

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Politicians in the US state Tennessee have filed notice that they intend to appeal against  a ruling that the state must recognise same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

Earlier this month, Judge Aleta Trauger placed a preliminary injunction against the state of Tennessee’s same-sex marriage ban.

The ruling came after three Tennessee same-sex couples married out of state filed a lawsuit asking the state to recognise their same-sex marriages.

On Tuesday, Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper Jr announced that the state would appeal against the injunction.

He also filed a motion asking the court to put its injunction on hold pending the appeal. Should the court refuse, Cooper has asked for a 21-day stay, in order to ask the 6th Circuit to put the injunction on hold.

Similar proceedings are taking place in the state of Kentucky, where last month, US District judge John G Heyburn instructed the state to immediately start recognising same-sex marriages from other states.

Attorney General Jack Conway declined to appeal the ruling on behalf of the state last week, saying that “Judge Heyburn got it right”.

Just minutes after Conway’s statement, governor Steve Beshear had said he intended to fight the ruling himself, and has since hired outside attorneys to defend the state’s laws.