France: Bus driver fired after dousing lesbian couple with bottle of water for sharing a kiss

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A public bus driver in northern France has reportedly been fired after he doused a teenage lesbian couple with a bottle of water after they shared a kiss in front of him.

The Local reports that that northern France authorities laid of the driver as a “protective measure” last week.

The driver had stopped in front of a high school at 5:30pm on a Friday near Nancy, a city in Lorraine.

He allegedly uncapped the bottle of water after he spotted the lesbian couple sharing a kiss outside his bus, where he then proceeded to throw the contents over them.

One of the teenagers, drenched with water, rode the bus to her destination before confronting the driver.

He reportedly told her he was “against homosexuality” and commanded her to leave the bus.

After she reported the incident, the driver was fired after admitting to his bosses that he had thrown the bottle of water.

STAN, the local transport service, immediately apologised following the attack.

The agency tweeted:

“The act cannot be tolerated and that’s why the driver involved was immediately laid off as a protective measure.”

In September last year, prosecutors in France launched an official investigation into a flurry of homophobic tweets sent using the hashtags #gaysmustdie, and #letsburngays.