US: University medical centre asks gay students ‘would you prefer to be straight?’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A health survey conducted by the University of Kentucky’s medical centre asked students if they would prefer to be straight.

According to Campus Reform, the survey was sent to all students via an email, and a gift card was offered as a reward for participating.

However, after standard questions on satisfaction with waiting times at the medical centre, the survey began to get more personal.

Participants who identified as LGBT were asked whether they agreed with the statement: “If it were possible, I would choose to be straight”, while straight participants were asked whether they agreed that “Male homosexuality is a perversion”, and “Homosexuality is a mental illness”.

Univeristy spokesperson Jay Blanton told the student website: “Yes, this survey was distributed to students by our University Health Service enrolled this semester.

“The intent of the survey was to understand better the utilization of university health services on the part LGBT students.”

Yesterday, it was reported that South Carolina Upstate University had been forced to cancel a performance of a lesbian-themed play, after a republican lawmaker accused it of ‘recruiting’.

h/t Back2Stonewall