US: Store owner puts up sign with anti-gay slurs to discourage customers wearing baggy trousers

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A store owner in Georgia has been accused of homophobia after he included anti-gay slurs on a shop sign to discourage customers from wearing sagging trousers.

Anil Patel, who owns a convenience store in LaGrange, put up the sign which read: “Only ‘fags’ like to keep their pants down!!!! Pull your pants up!!! Or be proud to be a ‘fag’.”

“I came up with that sign, nobody else did,” he told WSB. “Since that sign went up there, I don’t see no pants down in my store, because they read the sign and they decide what they want to be.”

He added: “It really offends me by them coming in, pants down. So it is not that I’m against them, gay people or anything like that, but just trying to prove a point. If you are going to come in my store, make sure you have your pants on.”

One customer said he “couldn’t believe they put something like that up,” saying he would no longer shop at the store.

Another customer also decided to shop elsewhere, saying there are “other ways to deal with it.”

However, Mr Patel told WSB the response to his message has been so positive that he’s considering getting bumper stickers made to sell in the store.

“It sends a straight message. It’s clear,” he added.