Watch: Trans activist Janet Mock turns tables on TV host by asking about her genitals

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Trans activist Janet Mock has turned the tables on a TV host, asking her some of the invasive questions about her body that trans people face regularly.

Mock feuded with Piers Morgan in February, after he referred to her in an interview as a ‘former man’ and asked a series of ignorant questions.

Yesterday on Fusion TV’s AM Tonight she made light of the segment, and another in which Katie Couric repeatedly asked actress Laverne Cox about her genitals, with host Alicia Menendez.

Turning the interview on Menendez, she said: “You’re beautiful – what’s so amazing about you is that if I were to look at you, I would never have not known that you weren’t trans.

“So who was the first person you told you were cis to?

“Do you have a vagina? When was the moment you felt your breasts budding? Do you use tampons?

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“When you were going through puberty, did you feel trapped by the changes your body was going through? Did you feel like a girl?”

After the reverse-interview, Menendez conceded that the questions felt invasive.

She said: “That was so awful!

“We wrote a lot of these questions and I didn’t realise how awful and invasive some of them would feel, and how I would feel now.

“When you have the questions turned on you, I understand how much more intimate those questions feel.”

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