US: Oprah Winfrey attends wedding of same-sex couple at New York Public Library

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Oprah Winfrey attended the wedding of TV couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, who have become the first same-sex couple to marry inside the New York Public Library.

According to People, the representatives of Berkus and Brent confirmed that they married yesterday, in a ceremony at the landmark attended by over 200 people.

Berkus is known as an Oprah regular, as well as host of American Dream Builders and The Nate Berkus Show, while Brent appeared on reality series The Rachel Zoe Project.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in New York since July 2011, but it is thought to be the first same-sex ceremony performed at the landmark.

The ceremony was officiated by Sheri Salata, president of the OWN network and Harper Productions, while other guests included Rachael Ray, Katie Lee and Rebecca Minkoff.

Berkus and Brent got engaged last year in Peru.

Gay basketball player Jason Collins appeared in an interview with Oprah last year.

He said: “For now, just because there’s so much angst, and so much of the unknown with making a decision, a declaration like this, yet trying to also at the same time, yes I’m making a big declaration, but also trying to remain as private in my private life as possible, and I think you, more than most, can attest to, yes you’re a public figure, but we have private lives.”