UK: Lawyer of X-Men director Bryan Singer attacks ‘absurd’ London-based abuse lawsuit

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Gay X-Men director Bryan Singer’s lawyer has attacked the filing of a second abuse suit against him, claiming it is “replete with absurd factual inaccuracies”.

Singer was hit by a second lawsuit this week, filed on behalf on an anonymous man by lawyer Jeff Herman.

Herman is also responsible for an earlier case against Singer, on behalf of Michael Egan.

The latest case filed against Singer pertains to an incident in London with an anonymous 17-year old, despite the age of consent in the UK being 16.

Singer’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has savaged the ‘ridiculous’ argument by Herman that California’s age of consent should apply to the London incident.

He said in a letter to Herman: “Not only is the latest lawsuit against our client replete with absurd factual inaccuracies, it does not state a legal claim.

“Significantly, the legal age of consent in the United Kingdom is 16.

“The alleged acts at issue, moreover, occurred in the UK. Therefore, even assuming the outrageous allegations against our client in your ‘John Doe No. 117’ complaint were true – which they are not – they do not state any legal claim involving sex with someone under the age of consent.

“It is evident that you have no regard for the law or for appropriate ethical conduct. Instead, you are driven by the desire to publicize yourself and attempt to locate additional clients from whom you may extract pecuniary gain

“Apparently you do not understand that holding a license to practice law does not entitle you to falsely and irresponsibly destroy a person’s reputation simply to make a profit.

“Be assured that we intend to hold you fully responsible for your latest outrageous and reprehensible actions.”

Last month Singer withdrew from media promotion of X-Men: Days of Future Past over the claims, fearing he would be “diverting attention” from the film.